The Future of Commercial Transportation is Here


Finally, a revolutionary breakthrough in 15-passenger transportation that is redefining what customers expect from commercial vehicles.

FrontRunner’s sleek, fuel efficient design and innovative lowered floor system combine the driving performance of a compact van with the flexibility and convenience of a large city bus. With its cutting edge styling, next generation composite engineering, and versatile front wheel drive transmission, FrontRunner ushers in a new era in commercial transportation.

The End of Ordinary is Here.


Industry-Exclusive Smart Kneeling System

Lowest Step-In Height in the Industry

Light-Weight Foldout Ramp

Best-in-Class Gas Mileage

Front-wheel drive offers the security of better traction in inclement weather and a better turning radius than a comparably sized rear wheel drive mini-bus.

Smart air-suspension, standard on every Frontrunner, communicates with the vehicle’s on-board body computer to self-level, even lowering the vehicle’s nose at highway speeds for improved aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

With room for 15 passengers and up to 2 wheelchairs (11 passengers with 2 wheelchairs), the Frontrunner does not require a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Lightweight composite bus structure offers quiet rattle free riding comfort and superior corrosion resistance for long life.

Low step-in height in the kneeling position of 9.75” bests the competition by almost 20%.

Flat floor offers wheelchair occupants the comfort, security, and convenience unavailable in a typical theater seating design.

Light-weight fold-out ramp exceeds the proposed ADA 1:6 standard and offers what no other traditional wheelchair lift can-space savings & reliability.

European inspired design challenges the typical American bus look offering exceptional passenger visibility, attractive appearance, low maintenance costs, and improved fuel efficiency.

Best-in-class gas mileage


Breathtaking Design. Innovative Technology

For decades, the 15-passenger commercial vehicle industry has forced the consumer to tradeoff between functionality and convenience. The use of large wheelchair lifts to accommodate everyone has meant sacrificing space and relying on mechanical equipment that can fail.

FrontRunner’s exclusive lowered floor technology and lightweight foldout ramp completely eliminates the need for space consuming, unreliable wheelchair lifts. The vehicle’s flexible design and smooth ride enable ALL people to ride safely and comfortably without compromise. Add in its sleek look and remarkable driving performance and FrontRunner is the clear choice for those who expect more from their passenger vehicles.

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Chassis & Body Structure

Engine – 3.6L Pentastar V6 Transmission
Transmission – 6-Speed Automatic Transmission
OEM Cutaway – RAM 3500 Promaster Cutaway
GVWR – 9,350 lbs.
High Strength Lightweight Steel Proprietary Lowered Floor chassis provides 3x the yield strength of traditional steel structures.
Galvanized coating for superior corrosion resistance.
Bus structure covered under US Patent # 9,302709 B1 other Patents pending

Bus Structure

Patented Advanced Composite Sandwich Panels (other Patents Pending)
Warranty OEM – 3 years 36,000 mile limited warranty
Bus structure – 3 years 50,000 mile limited warranty

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Technical Specifications

» Wheelbase – 179.8”
» Ride Height – 12.8”
» Step-In Height (Kneeled Position) – 9.75”
» Overall Length – 22.8”
» Overall Width – 93.2”
» Lightweight gas spring assist fold-out aluminum ramp 34” x 60”
» Overall Height (Excluding A/C Unit) – 102.34”
» Interior Width – 89.6”
» Interior Height – 87.8”/79.4”
» Clear Door Opening – 41.5” 1.5 million cycle tested
» Aisle Width – 20” (without seat arm rests)
» Angle of Approach – 18.6°
» Angle of Departure – 12.8°
» Breakover Angle 11.25°
» Uniform Ground Clearance 9.25”