Passenger Shuttle

Ford Transit


With three roof heights and three body lengths and up to 10,360 pounds of GVWR, the new Ford Transit has a flexible, value oriented solution to meet your transportation needs.


Three Roof Heights

Three Vehicle Lengths

Up to 10,360 GVWR

Low, Mid & High Roof Options Available For Transit Models.

Center Aisle Seating up to 14 Passengers & Rear Storage

Track Seating for Convenient Seat Placement

Point Seat Belts on all Seats (Certified FMVSS 207, 210, and 225 in Vehicle Pull Test)

Rear Wheel Drive

DOT Safety Package 5lb Fire extinguisher, Reflective Triangle, First Aid Kit

Commercial Grade 3/4” Plywood Sub Floor

Altro High Durability Commercial Flooring

Interior Width at Floor- 64” (up to 12” Aisle)

Year 50,000 Mile Conversion Warranty

Download Transit Passenger Shuttle Brochure


Storage Area

Passenger Step

Child Seat

36" x 80" Bi-Fold Electric Door


12 Passengers

Available: mid roof, 250/350" length models

11 Passengers + Luggage

Available: mid roof, 250/350" length models

10 Passengers with Integrated Child Seats (ICS)

Available: low/mid roof, 150" length models


Additional floorplans available. Call for more information.